Business finance consulting
In many companies there exists both the energy and the will to achieve success, but without external help it can be difficult to find the right ways to develop a strategic plan for how it should happen. Inedco can be your partner in that process.
Inedco will enter the business and analyze the present situation, the possibilities and limitations and strengths and weaknesses. Based on the situational analysis, the objective angle, the business sector in general and the existing theories within the area, a unique concept for success for your company will be worked out together with a key person within the company. The aim is that the knowledge and know-how develops and remain actively used within the company. There are no generic molds that fit all businesses. Each company and its market position is unique. Inedco has worked with many of the now successful businesses in the region.

Sparring partner
In smaller businesses the job as CEO is often a lonely one and every decision carries big consequences. Inedco can function as a “sparring partner” with an objective viewpoint, and has done so for many businesses in the region. As an objective partner, it is possible for Inedco to look at both the problems and the possibilities with an outsider’s perspective and possibly make objective consequential analyses.

With its 15 years of experience within the educational sector Inedco can train management and staff as well as other educators within strategic development, marketing and sales. With one leg in the business sector and one in education, Inedco offers an attractive concept which has received very positive feedback in many instances.  How are theories applied in reality? Inedco masters both theory and practice and functions as a bridge between the two.

To develop individual and organizing sales resources is a special and engaging field that is always current and in need of new angles.

Board missions
Björn West, CEO of Inedco, is an active board member of several businesses, including Kvevlax Sparbank, OK Indrivning, Dermoshop, Mantra Communikations, Oy Loftet Ab, as well as others. Furthermore, he is a member of a number of management groups of different businesses.