Björn West

Björn West is native to Vaasa and has a Master’s degree in finance with a major in marketing from Hanken Business School in Vaasa. He is also a doctoral student with a research interest in strategic changes. Björn’s strengths and areas of interest are business finance with emphasis on strategic development and strategic processes of change, as well as marketing and personal sales.

He has over 30 years of experience in these areas, both from the business sector and the educational sector. He has possessed leading roles within the boat- and motor sales business, the insurance business, franchising and education. He educates both students and businesses people in this area of expertise, as well as being an active member on board groups and on external management teams of several businesses.

Within the framework of his business Inedco, founded in 1988, Björn works as a business financial consultant for different size businesses within a large number of different sectors in Ostrobothnia. When he is not working as a doctoral student, educator or consultant, Björn can be found at sea; he likes to spend his free time boating in the archipelago.

Ulvöhamn, 2011. Photo: Björn West